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23rd Psalm Lamb - Praying Plush Lamb - Prays with You

23rd Psalm Lamb - Praying Plush Lamb - Prays with You

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23rd Psalm Lamb plush lamb animal is made by Princess Soft Toys. Reciting the 23rd Psalm when you press her left hand.  The lamb is fluffy white plush with a gold accent white bow around her neck.  The hind feet have The Lord and Is my Shepherd embroidered on them in gold thread. Measuring 12 inches tall with an arm span of 10 1/2 inches.  The lamb has 2 small plastic black eyes that are sewn on and her nose and mouth are embroidered on.  23rd Psalm lamb makes a great gift for baby showers. Requires 2 AA batteries and is recommended for ages 3+.

 Introducing our beautiful and comforting White Prayer Lamb, the ultimate plush toy designed specifically for children seeking solace and companionship. Crafted with utmost care and love, this incredibly soft lamb brings together the magical qualities of a classic plush toy with the spiritual essence of the 23rd psalm.

✨ White Lamb: This little gem is impeccably designed in the form of a white lamb, symbolizing purity and innocence. Its adorable appearance is sure to capture the hearts of children, making it an ideal companion for playtime or bedtime cuddles.

✨ Talking Prayer Lamb: With the touch of a button, our plush lamb gracefully recites the 23rd psalm. Children will find comfort, peace, and reassurance in the soothing voice of this magical lamb, allowing them to connect spiritually in a gentle and familiar way.

✨ Plush Lamb: Crafted with the softest materials, this lamb is perfect for hugging and squeezing. Its plush fur ensures a delightful tactile experience, providing endless hours of snuggles and warmth. Your little one will adore the comforting touch of this plush companion.

✨ Requires 2 AA Batteries: Our prayer lamb comes ready to engage with your child. Simply insert 2 AA batteries, and your little one will enjoy countless moments of tranquility and companionship. The batteries are easily replaceable, ensuring uninterrupted love and prayer time.

✨ Made by Princess: Handcrafted with love and care, this prayer lamb is brought to you by Princess, a renowned brand recognized for its exceptional quality and attention to detail. Rest assured, your child will be in the best hands with this delightful companion.

Bring comfort, peace, and a touch of spirituality into your child's life with our exquisite White plush lamb.

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